KuCoin will be launching the 23rd Spotlight token sale with Fracton Protocol (FT) on August 9, 2022 (UTC). The FT token sale will operate using the proportional distribution model.

- Must have KuCoin Account: Not have One? 

Create here: https://www.kucoin.com/

Spotlight Token Sale Details: (Subscribe Now)

  1. Token Name: Fracton Protocol (FT)
  2. Spotlight Hard Cap: 600,000 USD
  3. Spotlight Allocation: 3,000,000 FT
  4. Spotlight Token Sale Price: 1 FT = 0.2 USDT
  5. Token Supported: KuCoin Token (KCS) Only
  6. Price Ratio: The actual price ratio of KCS will be announced on the day of the Token Sale
  7. Token Sale Format: Proportional Distribution Model (PDM)
  8. Spotlight Token Distribution: 50% will be unlocked at TGE. The remaining 50% will be on monthly linear vesting for 2 months.
  9. Total Token Supply: 100,000,000 FT
  10. Initial Circulating Supply: 2,490,000 FT
  11. Fracton Protocol Website: https://www.fracton.cool/

Full Details on How To Participate can be found here:


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