Binance has officially launched a new campaign Learn & Trade RUNE to Share $100,000!

Activity Period: 2022-06-28 08:00 AM to 2022-07-07 11:59 PM (UTC) 

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Binance Rune Learn and Trade Quiz Answers

                                  Binance Rune Learn and Trade Quiz Answers

1. In what year was THORChain conceptualized?

A. 2018

2. How does THORChain maintain correct prices within its liquidity pools?

A. Arbitrage traders looking for assets that are mispriced between markets to make profits from the price differences

3. Liquidity Providers enjoy impermanent loss (IL) protection of up to 100% after they have been in the pool for 100 days

A. True

4. Who can add liquidity to an existing pool?

A.  Anyone

5. What assets can you swap in THORChain

A. Native L1 Assets

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